Therefore, Control Board tells us the same mistake over and over again. For example, if the card Control reports an error Cooling/ Too Hot Cooling/ too hot, this error can not be successfully cleaned until the queuing system temperature drops enough teams to reach the set point temperature and it is not too hot. Some errors are transient, and always only displayed as the error condition persists. An example of this is the fault of Coin Communications Communication with the purse. This error is reported whenever the purse if connected to food has no communication. If communication is restored, the error is automatically cleared.

Time to particularly long service for the customer

If communication is interrupted when entering the service mode, this error is reported. Service Mode Insert or Dispense currency, it allows the user to queuing system insert coins dispensed manually or purse. This is generally considered the best way to insert or remove currencies Wallet, allowing the Card Account Control take queuing system accurate inventory of coins in the change tubes. To access this feature, enter the online queue management service mode and use the arrow keys up or down to get to the menu Insert or dispense coins and then. The screen should now change to show the lowest denomination of coins in the US and Canada this will be. and the specific number of coins that have the control card for each tube.

You can use the Exit key button to exit the function Insert or dispense coins. As the coins are dispensed, you should see decrease in the level of inventory of each coin value according to information from the screen. In some cases, such as inventory conditions little change in the tube, the coin inventory from decreasing. In most Wallets hide some coins from the control card. This is done to increase the number of coins in the bottom of the tubes change to ensure the reliability of delivery, in exchange currencies. Control Board is aware of this and uses a complex algorithm to track inventory of currency exchange tubes.

A similar situation occurred on queuing system

When the control card first enter the service mode or dispense Insert Coins and Banknotes is prevented. When the control card is set to Insert or dispense coins mode of acceptance of the currency it is automatically enabled. You can insert coins Wallet mechanism, the coin should be accepted and sent to the coin tube. Furthermore, the value and number of coin s inserted most recently will be displayed. Note that the function of inserting the coin see this was intended to be used to fill the coin tubes, bringing online queue management higher value coins coins for which no coin tubes will be rejected. In the US, the dollar queuing system coin is a coin usually no tube and, as such, will not queuing system be enabled for acceptance.

Press Key to scroll until Test Mode appears on the screen. A comprehensive report, the information may matter more is available with an electronic Plant on line- through DEX interface. Please refer to the direct implementation of DEX in this manual for details on direct execution. Cash accounting data are effective view more accountability, is stored as both Cash Stacks re settable range of sales and Total indelible historical. The Cash Accounting feature reset table cumulative totals can be for individual selection and Cash Data are shown as non reset table Total Machine.